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Everyone could save big on electricity bills while still enjoying good lighting. LEDs have very low energy consumption. This contributes directly to savings on your electricity bill! We at Helios manufacture LED bulbs, tubes, Down lights, Spotlights, Flood lights, Street lights and an entire range of LED lighting products that save electricity up to 90% compared to traditional lighting methods that consume a lot of power.
You can have the most popular branded fixtures in the world, but they don’t shed much light if the bulbs are burned out. LED lasts much longer than traditional lighting. It has been known to last up to 50,000 hours. That's way more than any other available lighting type. Helios had setup a manufacturing plant in Chennai, the LED Lighting products are available in dealership network through out Tamil Nadu and for those who don't have access to dealership network the company offers direct sales from company's sales outlet.
We've tried it time and time again, but we could really "get into it. Electricity that we use every day is contributing toward harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. If you believe in global warming, then you realize this is one of the issues that are exacerbated by these greenhouse gas emissions. LED lighting reduces the consumption up to 90%. There is no infrared lighting from LED lights. And there is no UV radiation, which is better for you and the environment. LED contains no hazardous mercury or gases making it safer. Helios objective is to save the energy and save the environment and we have been trying to save the energy consumption as mush as possible. Our Helios LED lighting products are the most energy saver and safe for the environment.
Traditional lamps cause flickering when supply voltage varies exceeding 10%. We at Helios have deep understanding of power supply situation and quality of power supply and issues in distribution. We manufacture our products incorporating all the possible solutions to these issues and challenges. Our LED Drivers are adoptable to universal power supply, it keeps constant light output irrespective of issues.
Energy efficient lighting can reduce the maximum demand up to 90%. Helios LED Lamps and fixtures are he most efficient among the LED lighting and will bring down the maximum demand by 50-90% in lighting loads. We manufactured 150,000 LED Light bulbs, Tubes, luminaries and LED Drivers and installed capacity of 200 KW/KVA, in other words this 200KVA was used to replace 1MVA (1,000KVA) of connected load.
Traditional lighting such as incandescent bulbs converts less than 5% of the energy they use into visible light and the remaining 95% of energy being converted into heat and thrown into surroundings. A LED lighting that emits more light energy than it consumes in electrical energy. ( This has been unveiled by researchers in the USA. There was no barrier in principle to an LED being more than 100% efficient, in which case by theory, LEDs would actually cool its surroundings but nobody had managed to demonstrate an LED actually cooling its surroundings.

Source: Physics World Article

In addition to LED light conversion advantage, We manufacture the LED Lighting products adopting proper thermal management and kept the luminaire temperature almost same as surroundings.
Helios LED Lightronics (P) Ltd was established in 2010, by team of professional experienced in Lighting Industry. In a time of increased awareness of energy costs and demand, the toll existing energy generation methods take on the environment, Helios offers best solution to these energy challenges. Helios LED Lightronics established a LED Light manufacturing plant in Chennai, India and produces varieties of LED energy efficient products.