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5M RGB Flexible Strip Light

10W LED Wall Wash Light is designed to illuminate the Art Galary , Show Rooms to replace the Halogen focus lights! Helios introduces a super high efficient 10W Wall Wash Light replacement for a traditional 75-100 watt incandescent or halogen Lamps. Utilizing Nichia , CREE High Power LEDs and Helios Hi-tech LED Driver with 92% internal efficiency and 0.90 power factor, a Helios 10W Wall Wash performs better than traditional 75-100W Lamps. Additionally LED Wall Wash offers unprecedented low weight, low heat, flicker less instantaneous constant light output on voltage fluctuations and at overall very high efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage
80 - 270 V AC/DC
Power Consumption
72W (5M - 14.4W/M )
Number of LEDs
60 Nos Per Meter
Color Change Remote
24 Key Remote(50 Combinations)
DC Adapter
230V/12V DC Adapter 6A
Electronics Efficiency
Color Temperature (CCT)
3000K(WW), 4500K(NW), 6500K(CW)
Expected Life
> 50,000 Hours
Red, Yellow,Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, RGB, Cool White, NW

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Quality & Certification

1. LM-80 based on IESNA Standards for the LED.
2. Photometric Tests.
3. Electrical Characteristics.
4. Electrical Efficiency.
5. Total Harmonics Distortion.
6. Endurance Test.
7. Humidity Test.
8. Thermal Test.
9. Drop Test.

Typical Applications

1. Factories, Work shops, Construction Sites , Repair Shops, on Machineries etc;
2. Super Market Freezers, Sweet Stalls, Food carts, Street Lamps, Residential Outdoors, Gardens etc.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Energy consumption of    W         LED bulb for    Hrs for     days =   KWh @ Rs.     = Rs.

Energy consumption of    W Non-LED bulb for    Hrs for     days =   KWh @ Rs.     = Rs.

Your savings is % per year, which equates to Rs., what are you still waiting for?

True Cost of Ownership (TCO)

( Based on    hours per day for   years @ Rs.   per KWH )